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John hooton is one of Ireland’s most distinguished landscape photographers . Please take some time to browse through the Gallery to see  stunning and beautiful photographs of the irish landscape and seascape. If you see something you like you can purchase  high quality prints or books of prints from my on-line shop

For the most of my life I have been captivated by the ever varying light and mood of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. Exploring this region has offered me an insight into the way our landscape has transformed and  evolved  over centuries. The fragmented Irish Atlantic coast from its mountains to the sea is a wealth of natural beauty. It is in this space that I find solitude. From the subtle colours of early morning light, the Irish landscape compels me to capture it. Ireland's notorious changeable weather provides a challenge and there is a depth and emotion which each ray of light imparts on this demanding landscape. My images reflect the changing light, and my use of a wide angle lens lends to it a better sense of place and location. The strong use of foreground intensifies the image, while the infinite expanse of ocean reminds us of the vastness of our world. It is here, in Ireland, with its wind and rain, sunshine and cloud, that I find inspiration for my work. Come and join me in west kerry on one of my photography workshops and learn how I photograph the most stunning landscapes and seascapes in Europe.